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From: Vincent Vincent
Subject: Fagboy & Fagdad, Part 4First, the disclaimers. THIS IS A WORK OF FICTION. The narrative that
follows did not happen to me or to anyone else I know. The characters in
the story, like myself, are all of legal age. Don't contact Me to meet
these slaves. DO contact Me if you want to become one of these slaves.
Also contact me lsm preteen young lolita with any praise, criticism, or suggestions. All
feedback is good.Fagboy & Fagdad - Part 4Alexi stared at the TV, but his mind was quickly assessing this experience
with Tyler. Was it possible that he'd misread Tyler and that he wasn't a
cocksucker? Sure, Ty's cock was rock hard, but there was no doubt that
Alexi was getting off as well, and Alexi never got off thinking about guys.
He loved, dated, and fucked women. Only women. So how could he explain
his own arousal?Finally, Alexi got up from the sofa. "Follow me into the bedroom, Tyler."
Tyler obediently complied. Alexi sat up on the bed without veru lolis model uncensored offering Tyler
a place to rest. Tyler stood naked, hands behind his back, head down, cock
still erect, staring at the man who was wearing his clothes."So, Tyler, you say you're not gay. Want to explain that hard-on?""I can't.""Do you want to have sex with me, boy?""I want to please you. I want you to be happy with me. I mean," Tyler
shook his head, trying to figure out just what it was he was trying to say.
"I want you to be happy with the things I do for you.""How many men have you had sex with? How many have you pleasured
sexually?""Nobody.""And women?""Only my wife.""So you've had no sex since she died?""No. I guess I don't have a high sex drive, Alexi. When we did have sex,
I most often got her off orally.""And what about before her?""She was the only person I ever had sex with. I was in love with her all
through school. She was always so self-assured and poised. Smart and
athletic. Just perfect."Alexi was starting to fit this all together. "And what did she see in
you?""I think she loved me. Loved how much I loved her.""Let me see some pictures of her, Ty."Ty went to the nightstand and got a photo album from the top drawer.
"These are pictures of us together."Alexi sat back in bed and looked through the album. "Jesus, Ty. She was
fucking beautiful." Alexi watched Ty's dick get even harder. "I wonder
what she'd have thought of me.""She enjoyed looking at men like you. She'd often tell me about men she
thought were hot.""Ty, did she ever dominate you sexually? Tie you up, any kinky sex?""No. We never did anything like that.""But you enjoy my dominating you?""I don't know. I'm hard, but I don't want to jerk off or anything. I
don't understand it," Tyler shrugged.Alexi started exploring the conclusions he'd made. "Well, whether she
dominated you or not, your wife was damn hot. I would have wanted to have
sex with her. " Tyler's dick pulsed yet again. "You like that idea, huh?
Me screwing your wife?"Tyler looked down, embarrassed, and nodded."Kneel there in the corner, Tyler. And just picture her and me on this
bed, making out, exploring each other's bodies." Tyler's dick started to
drool, letting Alexi know where he needed to go from here. "Picture
yourself right there, kneeling in the corner, being forced to watch and
listen to us. Listening to her getting off on my body, my cock." Tyler's
head dropped lower as he knelt, instinctively submitting to this imaginary
humiliation. "Just watch the two of us fucking, listen to us cumming while
you just kneel in the corner, a servant to clean us up when we're done.
Going to work every day, providing money for the household, but never
allowed to be a real husband to her. Instead you are forced to witness her
enjoying herself with a real man like me."By this point Ty was biting his lip, but his erection never diminished.
Alexi smiled and continued. "After we're done, if you've been a good boy,
you might get to clean her out, sucking My cum out of her." Tyler moaned,
bending his head lower to the ground. "That sounds hot, doesn't

"Jesus, yes," Tyler whispered. He started to tremble."Don't you think you should thank me for fucking your wife?""Thank you for fucking my wife, Sir.""No, numbskull. Use your own words. Make this fucking real in your head.""Oh, fuck," Tyler sighed. He took a deep breath and continued. "Sir,
thank you so much for screwing my wife. For giving her such a powerful
fuck and letting her cum so hard. Thank you for allowing me to watch and
to taste her and taste you inside her." Tyler looked up. "This is so
fucking humiliating."Alexi was about to ask whether Tyler meant the fantasy in his head or the
reality of having to describe it. He decided it didn't matter. "And just
think," Alexi smiled, "while you licked and sucked her, what if I decided I
wanted to pre teen russian lolitas fuck another hole. Your hole."Tyler's head fell to the ground while he arched his back, offering his ass
up in the air. "Fuck me, Sir.""I want to hear that loud and clear. Say it again.""PLEASE FUCK ME SIR. MAKE ME YOUR BITCH."Alexi laughed. "So you want to be my bitch. Don't ever fucking forget it.
I could send you out to seduce a nice-looking woman. Bring her here and
I'd seduce her myself, right in front of you. Put you in the corner, right
there, and make love to her all night long while you just fucking watched.""PLEASE, SIR. Show me who's the real man here," Tyler sobbed."You fucking love this, don't you, being my cuckold?" Tyler silently
nodded."Then," Alexi ordered, undoing the fly of Ty's pants which were still on
his body, "get up here and be my cocksucker while I look at these photos
and dream about fucking your wife. Be my little hetero fagboy."Tyler couldn't help lolitas valencia bisexuales orgias
but crawl onto the bed, silently crying, and begin to
pleasure Alexi's hard prick. To serve and service him. To become his
straight cocksucking faggot.
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